Art Exhibitions

When I was asking a friend back at home for tips at learning Korean faster, one of the things she recommended was joining a club. By chance I saw flyers for an art club and decided to go. The art club I joined finally had our exhibition for the past few days. I thought it was really cute how they posted paper next to the paintings so people could write comments and post sweets. Some left flowers or other snacks below the painting.

I’m really glad I joined though. Clubs generally eat dinner together after every meeting, and I remember on the first day we gave our introductions. I was so terrified at my poor Korean that I could barely squeak out mine. But everyone in the club was very kind and supportive of me. I was able to practice Korean so much more with the other members.

This was my painting:


There was also an artist I admired online, and I found out that his work was going to be in an exhibition at Hongik University. It’s very close to Ewha, so I went to go look. By some chance I recognized him from his profile photos and I got to meet him! That was definitely very exciting for me and I’m glad I got the opportunity to see his work in person.


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