Life Lessons

I don’t if it’s cause we’re mostly girls or just because dating is probably on most people’s minds, but I feel as though the subject of dating comes up pretty frequently in my Korean class. One chapter was dedicated to our ideal type in potential partners.

Our teacher shared hers. “I don’t like good looking guys,” she said happily. “This way you don’t have to worry about other women wanting them. And skinny guys are too critical of your appearance.”

She described her husband by asking us to imagine Colonel Sanders from KFC. She doesn’t really have photos of him because he doesn’t like getting his picture taken.

Also I’ve been seeing more “No Smoking” signs around campus. I have also seen more people smoking. Often in front of the signs. The ones around Ewha usually say stuff like, “Smoking can cause CANCER and EVICTION”. I personally think they’d be a bit more effective if they took them to further extreme. There’s this little gem I found in Gangnam’s Dr. Fish bathroom:

After I was done laughing, I asked my friend to snap a picture for me. That’s so yandere


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